Mar Deidhinn | About

Halò, is mise Ruaraidh. Tha mi nam oileanach ann an Oilthigh na Gàidhealtachd agus nan Eilean. Tha mi a fuireach ann a’ Mhanachainn.

Hello, I’m Ruaraidh. I’m a student at UHI and I live in Beauly.

This blog will be pieces I write for university, photo diaries of day-trips that myself and the family take as well as rare bits of opinion. I hope to write a little in Gàidhlig when time and ability allows, corrections and comments are very welcome via Mastodon or Matrix.

Some of the posts will have monetisation enabled on them. This will follow the 100+20 rule and the extra, if you want to see it, can be unlocked via Coil.